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How can I be Here/Now if Now is unacceptable? I, in some way, want it to be different. I would rather be in the future of my career reinvention than in the Now of the on-going process of that reinvention. One of our continuing Spiritual challenges, in my opinion, is the continually changing Now and how it might conform or not conform to  the mind’s idea of how it “should be”. Disparity between the mind’s ideas of reality and actual experience is a formula for misery. Unnecessary suffering. I struggle with acceptance when my energy is low, when my ego decides how things “should be” or when events turn toward friction.

Be watchful, observant, mindful of thought patterns, moods and the cycle of moods. It used to be called biorhythms. Each day of the week has its own unique energy. When I Observe, I see the patterns and am less likely to take them personally, enabling me to detach or withdraw identification from what is going on, my story, facilitating me to be more of a conscious actor. I can’t say it enough, Presence is everything. Truly, nothing else matters.

James Westly