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With this keystroke I initiate contact, thrust my expression into the emerging global Consciousness. My message, my focus, is Presence, the simple but profound act of aligning your entire awareness into the Now Moment.

For more than 30 years this has been the primary focus and intention of my life. My journey began in 1977 when I found and began studying the works of a mid-Asian mystic named George Gurdjieff and his student Peter Ouspensky. Within weeks I found a school devoted to their approach, called The Fourth Way, and within two years found myself living in the school’s retreat three thousand miles away, having completely dissolved all my worldly connections.

The five years I lived there were an ongoing awareness training. The place was my Shangri La, my Shaolin Temple. Upon “graduation” I migrated to Phoenix, AZ at the behest of a mystical vision; led a Fourth Way group for ten years; became a psychotherapist; corporate consultant; writer; and presenter; all with a focus on Presence, the simple act of here/now focus. The healing power of Presence is phenomenal.

It is my intention with this blog to continue  promoting, supporting and contributing to the rising global revolution of Consciousness, spearheaded by the amazingly popular work of Eckhart Tolle. When I was beginning my studies in 1977 it was “esoteric”. A secret known only to a few. And the holders of the secret kept it to themselves. Now it’s a grassroots revolution. The world is awakening!!

I have developed simple tools and taught them to individuals at all levels of society. I intend to continue doing that here on a daily basis. Sharing my own growth process and the tools in that moment at work within me, and you sharing your own growth process and what is working for you.