Presence Training has as its intention the development of a new relationship to our thought process, one in which the individual learns to objectify their mind and experience it as a powerful, reality creating tool.


We live in a multitasking society. We are proud of our ability to perform a multitude of mental tasks simultaneously. We carry out routine chores while we ‘think’ about other things.

What is THE TRUTH?

This is the question many of us who consider ourselves seekers ask. We’ve been asking it for some time, perhaps. We’ve searched high and low for the elusive answer, and have, at times, thought we found it, the answer, only to have that layer of the onion peeled away like all the others. I used to think there was some “objective” answer out there, somewhere. Objective being an answer that was accurate for all circumstances, transcending the personal point of view. I even spent twenty years learning, applying, and teaching a particular answer, all the time living in the belief that it was “The Truth”.

Although I still consider those years well spent, I’ve returned to square one with a whole new perspective. That perspective, however, is not the answer, but the same question at another level. My current take is there is no other answer but my own personal answer. There is no Truth, capital T. There is only me, experiencing.