What would your life be like…

…if you were able to consistently focus your entire attention into the one place and time LIFE is actually occurring, HERE/NOW?

What would your life be like…

…if you were in charge of your mind instead of your mind being in charge of you?

What would your life be like…

…if you were fully and completely plugged into your Spiritual connection through intuition and it was running your show?

What would your life be like…

…if you completely let go of the events and memories of the past?

What would your life be like…

…if you released all your expectations about the future and accepted LIFE fully on its own terms?

What would your life be like…

…if you profoundly realized your intrinsic Spiritual nature, your true SELF?

What would your life be like…

…if you completely released resistance to anything and lived entirely in a state of SURRENDER and ACCEPTANCE?

James Westly teaches …

…how to laser focus your attention fully into the PRESENT MOMENT as the only reality there is.

James Westly teaches …

…how to separate CONSCIOUSNESS from cognition in the clear realization that the mind is not  who we are but a powerful tool we possess.



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James Westly, MC LPC, is a licensed psychotherapist who specializes in the reduction or elimination of obsessive thinking. In Quantum Physics we are aware that everything is connected, thus a change in one area effects change in all other areas. James believes most of what we call mental illness is the consequence of obsessive thinking. If we change one thing, if we learn to quiet our mind and master the powerful tool it certainly is, then everything changes in a positive, functional, way. Changing your relationship to thought opens new doors into developing your greatest potential.

“It is my mission to EMPOWER my clients through mastering their mental process using the tools and techniques of Ancient Wisdom, facilitating good health and enabling them to consciously manifest the life they desire.”


Most people have heard the phrase: “I think, therefore, I AM.” It is a core societal belief. Originally uttered by a Fourteenth Century French philosopher Rene Descartes, it points to the idea that the mind is our core identity. Do you believe your mind is you?

Presence Therapy (PT) proposes that the mind is not who we are but is something we have. It is a powerful instrument, but because we, as a society, believe our mental process is our true identity, we are not trained in its correct use. We have given our identity away to a powerful tool that now enslaves us, holds us addicted to thinking.

The intention of PT is to develop a new relationship to this powerful, hence dangerous, instrument. To learn to use it correctly and uncover its true potential, causing symptoms like depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, substance abuse and many others to diminish or completely vanish through developing a unified state of consciousness.